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Best Selling Fireworks

Every year we get calls and emails from customers asking “what should I buy?” “What’s the best?” No one wants to spend all day wading through our massive inventory list! You want to get in, buy your fireworks, get out and get a truckload of awesome fireworks delivered to your door in just a few days.

We’re going to give you our top picks and best sellers. These are our best of the best, the ones everyone comes back for year after year. Now you can take the guesswork out of choosing the fireworks that’ll get you that big round of applause after the finale of your next display

First things first, you’ll want to check out our shipping policies to see what we can ship to you. We only ship to the contiguous United States and, unfortunately, there are some states even in those 48 that we can’t ship to or have restrictions on what we can ship.

Now, onto the good stuff! If you’re completely new to fireworks or just overwhelmed by the large number of fireworks we offer, your best bet is to buy an assortment (or 2 or 3, you can never have enough fireworks!). Whether you want just, cakes, shells or a little of everything, we’ve got you covered. Our biggest assortments have everything you’ll need for an amazing backyard display.

Here’s a selection of our top selling assortments:


Looking for the biggest, baddest, loudest and best fireworks you can get? These are our top picks and customer favorites for cakes, shells and finale racks. These are sure to wow any crowd:

200-Gram Cakes:


500-Gram Cakes:


Artillery Shells:


Finale Racks:


Your state doesn’t allow you to fire off the big boys? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a selection of our most popular Safe and Sane fireworks:


Oh! And don’t forget, you get free shipping all year round on orders over $1,500 on top of our amazing wholesale prices.

If you're still not sure what you what to get give us a call at 844-522-6661 or send an email to and we'll help you pick out exactly what you need to make your fireworks display memorable.

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Major Combat - 119 Shot 500-Gram Fireworks Cake - Brothers Pyrotechnics Major Combat - 119 Shots

Case Quantity: 1 piece per case (119 shots each).

This cake is a display in itself! Over a minute long with varied effects. Hit them fast and hard with a big assortment of crackling flowers, fanned multicolored comet tails with reports, red and green tails to silver spinners with reports, blue tails to silver flying fish with blue stars, crackling stars with whistles to reports, crackling mines and gold willows. Ends with crackling flowers.

Duration: 80 secs.

Our Price: $132.70 (1 piece case)
Beast - 12 Shot Beast - 12 Shot

Case Quantity: 4 pieces per case (12 shots each).

This Beast of a cake is one of our LOUDEST cakes for 2017! Features brocade with a wide assortment of color.

Our Price: $139.70 (4 piece case)
The War Box Assortment - 15 Shot The War Box Assortment - 15 Shot

Case Quantity: 6 pieces per case.

Slam the sky with bright breaks from this great set. Firehawk delivers the goods to take your neighborhood fireworks battles to the front line. When you add this great set to a fireworks show, your audience will say, "Thanks! We love it loud!". Includes two each of Slam, Frontline, and We Love It Loud.

Our Price: $141.30 (6 piece case)

Cerdo Loco - 27 Shot 500-Gram Fireworks Cake - Sky Bacon Cerdo Loco - 27 Shots

Case Quantity: 4 pieces per case (27 shots each).

A beautiful cake with multiple effects and bright vibrant colors. Effects include blue/red peony, blue/red peony with white glitter, blue/yellow peony with gold glitter, blue dahlia with falling leaves pistil, gold glitter peony with falling leaves pistil and crackle with falling leaves pistil.

Our Price: $143.30 (4 piece case)
The Star Chamber - 16 Shot 500 Gram Fireworks Cake - Brothers The Star Chamber - 16 Shots

Case Quantity: 4 cakes per case

One of Brothers' best! BIG, LOUD shots of golden brocade with red, green, and silver glitter and blue stars.

Duration: 28 sec.

Our Price: $151.90 (4 piece case)

Buy Khaotic KaBoom | Fireworks Finale Rack Khaotic KaBoom - 9 Shots

Case Quantity: 4 pieces per case (9 shots each).

Khaotic KaBoom features 9 BIG, LOUD shots of peonies, dahlias and a crackle finish. This one will match up against any other 9-shot, but at half the price! Its a no-brainer this year - buy Khaotic KaBoom.

Our Price: $160.10 (4 piece case)
Super Stallion - 16 Shot Fireworks Cake - Brothers Super Stallion - 16 Shots

Case Quantity: 24 pieces per case.

A Brothers classic! One of the best deals in fireworks, Super Stallion puts on a show of color-changing breaks, crackling and report.

Duration: 25 seconds.

Our Price: $161.40 (24 piece case)
Openfire - 33 Shots Openfire - 33 Shots (Original Label)

Case Quantity: 4 pieces per case (33 shots each).

One of our top selling 500-gram cakes! Openfire is an amazing 500 gram heavy-weight from Brothers. Openfire looks great on display and even better in the air. The barrage begins with red, white, and blue tails to white bouquet. Blue stars erupt into gold tails and willows, whistling tail to red and green palm, white flashes and whistles, and crackling tail to crackling flowers.

Duration: 40 secs.

Our Price: $162.70 (4 piece case)
Pandamonium - 142 Shot Pandamonium - 142 Shot

Case Quantity: 2 pieces per case (142 shots each).

An amazing finale cake that comes 2 per case! Beautiful gold strobing tails transition to color tails and large breaks of brocade. Silver strobing tails, crackling color tails, and color crackling willows finish the show.

Our Price: $165.70 (2 piece case)
Knockout Brocade - 9 Shot Fireworks Finale Rack - Brothers Pyrotechnics Knockout Brocade - 9 shots

Case Quantity: 2 per case.

Nine huge shots of golden brocade. First 6 shots shoot sequentially and there is 3 shot finale. These breaks are gigantic! Duration: 45 secs.

Our Price: $167.40 (2 piece case)
Pyro Candy - 9 Shot 3 Inch Fireworks Rack - Winda Pyro Candy - 9 Shots

Case Quantity: 2 per case.

Get ready to crown the 9-shot king of brocade. Gargantuan breaks that have an impressively long hang duration. Makes a great golden finale for any show.

Duration: 28 sec.

Our Price: $167.80 (2 piece case)

Pyro Candy / Texas Hold'Em Combo Pyro Candy / Texas Hold Em

Case Quantity: 2 per case.

A great set of 9-shot racks from Winda. Get one TB202 Pyro Candy and one TB203 Texas Hold'em in each case. A Quantum Fireworks exclusive item.

Our Price: $167.80 (2 piece case)
Monstrous Palm - 9 Shot Monstrous Palm - 9 Shot

Shoots six gigantic palms with assorted color tips and ends with a three-shot finale of large silver willow.

Our Price: $167.80 (2 piece case)
Whacky Tobacky - 9 Shot Whacky Tobacky - 9 Shot

Case Quantity: 2 per case.

One of our most requested effects is now available in a Brothers 3-inch 9-shot rack. Light the fuse and watch as big, loud willows with pink glittering pistil fills the sky.

Our Price: $170.40 (2 piece case)
Perfect Round - 9 Shot Finale Rack - Winda Perfect Round - 9 Shots

Case Quantity: 2 per case.

Winda's latest-and-greatest ring effect is packed into 9 shots for Perfect Round. Each shot is a beautiful sunflower burst. A unique effect!

Our Price: $171.60 (2 piece case)

Addicted to Loud - 9 Shot Fireworks Finale Rack- Winda Addicted to Loud - 9 Shots

Case Quantity: 2 per case.

Might as well face it, you are addicted to loud. Nine big, loud shots of falling brocade crown with multi-color falling leaves. An outstanding combination of effects.

Our Price: $175.50 (2 piece case)

Junior Pyro Pack - Safe and Sane Fireworks Assortment - Sky Bacon Junior Pyro Pack - Safe and Sane

Case Quantity: 12 assortments per case.

A great backpack assortment from Sky Bacon. Full of childhood favorites!

Our Price: $178.80 (12 Assortments)
Gold Star Assortment - Brothers Gold Star Assortment

Case Quantity: 2 assortments.

Wow your audience with this great assortment from Brothers of snappers, 10 multi-shot cakes, saturn missiles, roman candles, 10 fountains and ground bloom flowers in an eye catching display box.

Our Price: $202.50 (2 Assortments)
Have It All Assortment - Safe and Sane - Brothers Have It All Assortment (Safe &Sane)

Case Quantity: 4 assortments per case.

This year, have it all with this hefty fountain assortment. A great selection of safe and sane effects from Brothers. Includes snappers and 14 different types of fountains!

Our Price: $290.90 (4 Assortments)
Presidents Series Presidents Series

Case Quantity: 40 shells per box, 2 boxes per case (80 total pieces).

Our Price: $296.40 (144 piece case)
Jefferson Fireworks Assortment Jefferson Fireworks Assortment (v1)

This package has all the firepower you need to leave your neighborhood in awe. Includes 17 500-gram cakes, 12 multi-shot cakes, 22 350-gram cakes, 2 9-shot racks, and 112 artillery shells.

Our Price: $1,288.80 (1 Assortment)