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Shipping Information
How much is my shipping for Fireworks?
All fireworks orders must be shipped via common carrier (tractor trailer) in the United States. Freight companies like UPS Ground and FedEx Ground do not handle flammable materials such as fireworks - therefore we must utilize a freight company that will deliver your fireworks on a large truck. Shipping charges for fireworks are based upon the total weight of the order and are calculated during checkout. The minimum shipping rate for any order containing Class C fireworks, due to the hazmat classification by the DOT, is $130.

All orders of $1,500 or more receive free shipping.
Shipping Restrictions
Sparklers and Poppers (Snaps):

We can ship sparklers to every state except Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Sparklers are classified as novelties by the federal government and are not defined as consumer fireworks. Under this classification sparklers can legally be shipped via ground methods. All orders of sparklers and poppers will be shipped via USPS or UPS ground services in accordance with the Department of Transportation guidelines. If you are concerned about the legality of sparklers in your area, please check with your facility and your fire marshal's office before making a purchase.


Kaboom LLC ships fireworks only to addresses in the 48 contiguous United States.

Due to legal restrictions, Kaboom LLC cannot ship fireworks to customers in the following states. No exceptions.

Restricted States:

Alaska – No shipping.
California – Safe & Sane items only. No shipping from Warehouse B.
Connecticut – No shipping.
Delaware – No shipping.
Hawaii – No shipping.
Louisiana – No shipping from Warehouse B.
Maryland – No shipping.
Massachusetts – No shipping.
Nevada – No shipping from Warehouse B.
New Hampshire – No shipping from Warehouse B.
New Jersey – No shipping from Warehouse B.
New York – Safe & Sane items only. No shipping from Warehouse B.
Ohio – No shipping from Warehouse B.
Oregon – No shipping.
Pennsylvania – No shipping from Warehouse B.
Puerto Rico – No shipping.
Rhode Island – No shipping from Warehouse B.
Texas – No shipping from Warehouse B.
Vermont – No shipping from Warehouse B.
Virginia – No shipping from Warehouse B.
Washington – No shipping from Warehouse B.
Washington, D.C. – Safe & Sane items only. No shipping from Warehouse B.
West Virginia – No shipping from Warehouse B.

We can ship to retailers in all 48 contiguous United States. We will need a copy of your retail permit before processing your order.

We cannot ship to APO/FPO or P.O. Boxes.

We do not ship fireworks outside of the contiguous United States.

We are not responsible for damaged, lost, misdirected, or stolen merchandise. Always inspect your order and have the driver note any damages on the delivery receipt BEFORE signing. Forward any such information to us so we can assist you in making a claim with the shipping company. While we make every attempt to ship your order in time for delivery before the July 4th holiday, we cannot guarantee delivery dates. When placing your order, please allow enough time for any unforeseen delays in processing, transit and delivery. Once your order is placed in the possession of the shipping carrier, ownership passes to you. To avoid confiscation or possible fines, make sure that fireworks are legal in your area. Neither Kaboom LLC nor the shipping companies know all the exact county and local laws in your area and are not responsible for the use of our merchandise.

Are Fireworks Legal in My State?

You may want to consult with the state, county, and local officials in the area that you will be shooting fireworks. Even in states where fireworks are permitted, certain counties and cities may have additional restrictions. Your local fire department will usually be aware of firework laws in your area. Note that in many areas it is illegal to shoot fireworks unless you have a permit. Please consult with your local officials in order to obtain a permit. Please obey the firework laws where you will be transporting, distributing, and discharging fireworks.

When you agree to our Purchasing and Hold Harmless Agreement you are stating that you have all necessary permits. It is then your responsibility, not that of Kaboom LLC, to ensure that you can legally possess these fireworks. People not having permits where required run the risk of fines and/or confiscation of fireworks without any recourse to us or the shipping company.

We are not responsible for the use of our merchandise. Any injuries or such that may occur are not our responsibility, so please remember that fireworks are fun, but they are not toys.

NEVER let children play with fireworks! Please read our safety tips on the Fireworks Safety page on our website.