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Cannon Fuse & Igniters

Cannon fuse is the most commonly used fuse for fireworks. It's also often called visco fuse, safety fuse or just fireworks fuse. It's typically 2-3mm in diameter and comes in a variety of speeds from the traditional 30sec/foot to 1/2sec/foot!

You'll want to have a variety of fuse on hand for setting up your display. Slow green visco for timing between cakes and fast yellow visco for quickly lighting rows of fountains, lots of shells and your big finale. offers a huge fireworks selection and low shipping charges through our regional warehouses. We have pre-selected the warehouse closest to you. Due to shipping restrictions it is only possible to order fireworks from one warehouse per order. Inventory availability is different at each warehouse. You can switch to your desired warehouse via the drop-down menu below.

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