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Safe & Sane Family-friendly Fireworks

At, we sell the best safe and sane fireworks in bulk with all your favorite kid-friendly fireworks assortments. Safe and sane fireworks do not fly or explode, making them the perfect family-friendly fireworks for every holiday and occasion. We have all the most popular fireworks from your childhood including sparklers and strobes, fountains, snakes, snaps, and more! These fireworks make every night family fun night with colorful smoke balls, confetti poppers, and other novelty fireworks everyone will enjoy. We have confetti cannons of all sizes in a wide range of bright colors that are perfect for weddings and birthday celebrations.

Our safe and sane fireworks are bright, colorful, and made from the highest quality materials. We offer the lowest prices on bulk orders and have the expert knowledge to help you find the right kid-friendly fireworks for your family. Order now to take advantage of our competitive prices with fast, free shipping on all orders over $1,500 or contact our team for help finding exactly what you need before you buy.
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The Buzz Assortment - Safe and Sane
The Buzz Assortment - Safe and Sane
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Case Quantity: 6 assortments.

A budget-friendly safe and sane assortment from Brothers with 10 fountains, ground bloom flowers, snaps and crackling balls. With 6 assortments in a case there's plenty of fuses to light for you and the family.