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When is the Best Time to Buy Fireworks?

Here in the US Independence Day is by far our biggest fireworks holiday. But in recent years the trend of using fireworks for New Years, birthdays and weddings has been on the rise. For fireworks fanatics it's hard to imagine a holiday that couldn't be made better with Fireworks. With all the fireworks you'll need to punctuate those holidays, when is the best time to buy wholesale fireworks or hit the fireworks stores?

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Fireworks retailers and wholesalers begin receiving fireworks for the coming 4th of July season starting in April and late May. Smart fireworks fans shop early before the best items sell out. As July 4th approaches more of the best items and the ones you want will be out of stock. Don’t be that guy who waits until the last minute when the loudest big boy fireworks have all sold out and all you can find are snowflake fountains and sparklers.

When can I get the best deals?

If you’re looking for the best sales and deals on fireworks, wholesalers, like, are always the best bang for your buck--all year round. However you can save even more by shopping early in the fireworks season when online fireworks shops fight for sales from diehard fanatics. You'll also find great sales right around the July 4th and New Year’s holidays as fireworks stores try and attract those last minute purchases. Experienced fireworks nuts know to get the best items early and use those last minute sales to add to the finale and fill in their show with less expensive items.

Stores often run sales in the weeks after July 4th and New Years with deep discounts to dump excess inventory but by this time all their best items have probably sold out. While the selection may be limited it's a good time to score some inexpensive filler items and add to next year’s stash.

Fireworks stores have started getting in on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. This can be a great time to pick up fireworks at great prices for your New Years display. Pro Tip: runs huge discounts every year around this time and also around all major holidays. Signup for our newsletter so you don't miss out on hot deals.

Will those last second deals arrive in time?

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Remember: If you’re having fireworks shipped to you be sure to leave enough time for the order to be packed and shipped as well as enough time to set up your display. Around July 4th can get so many orders that it can take a few extra days for an order to ship.

Fireworks cannot be shipped next day or two day, only by freight (or ground for items like sparklers), so if you wait until the very last minute it’s likely your fireworks will not arrive on time.

If I stock up early will my fireworks go bad?

This is a very common question. The reality is fireworks, if stored properly, in a cool dry location, can last for years. Many fireworks lovers buy wholesale fireworks online from by the case. They stock up on the best Items so they can use them in their displays for years to come.

Pro Tip: offers free shipping on orders over $1,500 which can save you hundreds of dollars. While $1,500+ is a pretty common order for those looking to create a memorable night for friends and family, some customers find that to be just out of reach. By combining your order with coworkers, or friends you can order more fireworks, get better deals and free shipping. Everyone wins with cheaper fireworks!

So what's the bottom line?

1) Right now is always the best time to buy the items you want and need if they are in stock. If you wait, that case of awesome is going to go to some else.

2) If you’re looking for deals and excuses to add to the stash, or just make your display even better, right before and right after the 4th of July is a good time to snag deals. Just remember the best stuff will likely be in your neighbor’s garage by then.

3) If you join's mailing list all throughout the year you'll learn about hot deals and new items.

4) For the best selection, the best new items and the biggest, baddest fireworks, shop in late April and May when selection and availability is at its best.

5) Join with coworkers and friends and save a bundle with free shipping on orders $1,500 and over here at

Now get back to planning this years amazing fireworks display! You need to outdo last year. With we know you'll put on a hell of a show!

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