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Why Is Shipping Fireworks So Expensive?

When you buy fireworks online, the shipping costs might come as a huge shock. You might even start complaining about it, which is justified. However, there are two sides to every coin. We have not set a high price for the shipment of fireworks just because we want to. Instead, many factors are playing a role here. In this article, we will talk about this matter in detail.

The reasons behind fireworks shipping being expensive

Fireworks shipping isn't expensive for no reason. The three main reasons are-

Restrictions imposed on fireworks make the shipping process more costly

This is more or less the main reason why fireworks shipping is always so costly. All types of fireworks, except for the small ones like sparklers, snappers, and punks, are classified as hazardous materials by the United States Department of Transportation. As a result, shipments of these fireworks are not allowed. More specifically, their shipment through the mail, like USPS, UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, etc., is not allowed.

Which is to say, shipping through the mail is illegal. Because of this, suppliers like us have to utilize a particular freight company that will be able to handle hazardous materials. Usually, we get help from companies like Old Dominion, XPO, TForce Freight, Estes, YRC Freight, and others.

But having to hire a special freight company for the shipping procedure also means that the process of shipping requires more money compared to sending them through the mail or ground.

Residential delivery increases costs

Residential deliveries are more difficult; hence they are more expensive. Think about it logically. We either have to get a massive semi-truck to drive down a tiny and narrow residential street or transfer it to a smaller vehicle for residential delivery. Moreover, residential locations do not have any kind of loading dock, and this causes us additional liftage fees.

Even putting aside liftage fees, all these reasons make the shipping process more time-consuming. This is to say, it adds to the delivery time and thus increases the cost. Typically, a residential location takes 1-2 business days longer to deliver to than a business location.

If you don't know how much the additional costs will be, allow us to let you know that the extra fees can be more than $65. This is for transferring the shipment to a smaller vehicle capable of getting down a smaller street or unloading the fireworks with a liftgate. It's also worth mentioning that not all trucks even have a liftgate, so you will need way more money just for the unloading part.

Rising fuel prices

One of the biggest financial problems in the US right now is the unbelievably high gas prices. Per gallon, diesel costs around $6, while per gallon, gasoline costs almost $5. Many factors contribute to the rapid rise in fuel prices in the US, but its impact is more visible to ordinary people like us. And of course, fireworks shipment is also not free from the impact.

You might not know this, but there was a time when shipping fireworks wasn't as expensive as it is now. Back then, it used to be around $150 to $200, whereas now it's been raised to as much as $300, sometimes even more. However, the ray of hope is that if gas prices go down, the shipping costs might also go down.

To reduce shipping costs, take advantage of our free shipping feature.

At, you have a golden opportunity to save up on shipping costs entirely. We have a huge catalog of fireworks for sale. And when you buy fireworks online from us, if the total amount in your cart goes above $1,500, then you will be offered a free shipment (on that note, you can use the code SHIP25D during checkout to get $25 Off Shipping for only orders between $500.00 - $999.99). As in, you won't have to pay anything at all for the shipping.

Which is to say, we will cover all the shipping costs for you since you will be spending so much time with us. You can't imagine how much money you will save from this in the long run. You're buying things in bulk so they will last you a long time, and you do not have to pay anything to have them reached to you. This can potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run, given how expensive shipping has become.

So with, you will be making good financial choices for yourself and your business while you buy fireworks online. You can use the coupon code SHIP50D for $50 off shipping for orders between $1,000.00 and $1,499.99. You will also be happy to know that not only are we offering free shipping on orders above $1,500, but we are also full free shipments on fireworks like sparklers, snappers, and punks, which are not listed as hazardous materials so won't require a lot of money for shipping.

Why shouldn't you buy fireworks from companies that offer cheap free shipments?

There are tons of companies out there with fireworks for sale. You will obviously want to go for the one that sells fireworks at the lowest price, as well as offers that require the least amount of shipment fees. However, things are never that simple. Just because it's cheaper doesn't always mean that its quality will be the same as that of a more expensive one. But more importantly, just because it's cheaper doesn't always mean it's legal. has many competitors who offer free shipping for orders way below $1,500, for example, at $500+ or $1,000+. When you see them, you will immediately feel tempted to choose them over us, but the truth is that they are not shipping to you legally with that low of money. Let us explain why.

The shipment process is illegal

These companies are repackaging the fireworks in unmarked boxes and shipping them through USPS, UPS Ground, and FedEx Ground. As we mentioned earlier, these mailing companies do not allow fireworks, and shipping fireworks through them is considered illegal. So though they are offering free shipping for a lower price to get more customers, none of it matters because they're going against the law.

Mailing explosives is a violation of many laws. Under federal law governing explosives, it is prohibited for unlicensed or unpermitted individuals to "transport, ship, or cause to be transported... any explosive materials." This legislation may result in fines and/or imprisonment for up to 10 years. Remember that these penalties only apply to sending explosives. Further charges and punitive punishments may apply if the postal explosives cause harm or death. You can read about the penalties for shipping fireworks illegally here and here .

You may think that whether the shipment is legal or not is none of your business. But in reality, if these companies get caught in their activities, they will, of course, get into legal trouble, but they will drag all their buyers into it. In this scenario, both their business and the people they're selling to are at risk. If you're buying from them to open a fireworks business of your own, that's also putting your business at risk because your supplier has supplied them illegally.

You might also think that they'll never be caught, but actually, their chances of getting caught are too high. Suppose the ground shipping companies find out anyhow that those sellers are using them to secretly ship fireworks. In that case, the fireworks will be confiscated as soon as possible, putting both the company and you at legal risk.

There is a risk of injury or death

But that's not all. There's a much bigger risk, and it's the risk of people's lives. Hazardous materials like fireworks have to be packaged and handled in a certain way. If the fireworks are not handled correctly, they could go off at any time because of the smallest displacement. This can cost injury to the drivers and people surrounding the truck, not to mention even death.

Since these ground companies aren't in charge of shipping hazardous materials, and they are also not aware of the fact that what they are carrying inside those unmarked boxes are hazardous things, it's no doubt why they won't know how to correctly handle them. And thus, the risk is huge. It is simply very wrong to adopt this method.

So then, why should you buy fireworks from us?

We have set a realistic bar for the minimum amount you have to spend to get the free shipping privilege. There is no way a company can offer free shipping at $500 when the cost of shipping most fireworks, even just one case, costs $300 nowadays, while the diesel and gas prices are reaching record high numbers. Such a company will go bankrupt within months if they are shipping to you legally.

But with us, you don't have to worry about risking yourself or other people. We would rather spend extra money for the shipment than put ourselves and others into trouble. We conduct all our shipments in the right way, which is legal. We do things the right way, and we want people to be safe. And if you buy from others, you are taking a substantial risk. Is it really worth it?