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Where Can I Buy Fireworks in Colorado?

Colorado State Firework Laws are different depending on your county or city. In certain areas such as Fort Collins, Denver, and Lakewood, fireworks are prohibited, and you can't buy fireworks in these areas. Before starting hunting for a store to purchase fireworks in Colorado, you need to learn about Colorado State Fireworks Laws.

Using fireworks illegally in Colorado can lead to a fine of up to $2 750 in some jurisdictions. In addition, it can land you in jail for 12 months. When you become patriotic, you might end up with a criminal record. However, various fireworks are legal in some parts of Colorado, while most are prohibited.

What Are Legal Fireworks in Colorado

According to legal frameworks and local in Colorado, permissible fireworks comprise tiny devices producing visual or audible effects (without explosions) via combustion. However, every group of permissible fireworks has a varying topmost limit on the highest amount of volatile component that it might contain. When it comes to home fireworks, they might not contain more than 50 mg of the volatile component.

Fireworks allowed under local legal frameworks and laws in Colorado include the following:

·         Ground Spinners

·         Illuminating torches

·         Toy propellant

·         Cylindrical & cone fountains

·         Sparklers and dipped sticks

·         Torches and colored fire

·         Trick noisemakers that whistle or crackle without exploding

·         Certain tube devices

·         Fountains

·         Glowworms and snakes

However, the items are subject to chemical compositions and size limitations. Even fireworks that are allowed by Colorado state law are illegal in the following places:

·         Colorado states parks

·         Golf courses

·         U.S. national parks search as Gunnison and Rocky Mountain national parks.

·         Golf courses

·         Local parks

·         City streets

·         Forests

·         Public spaces

What are Fireworks Not Permitted in Colorado

·         Aerial devices

·         Firecrackers

·         Bottle rockets

·         Mortars

·         Roman cables

·         M-80s

·         Audible ground devices

·         Any other fireworks are not permitted.

Fireworks Possession or Use by Minor Under 16

Colorado state fireworks law doesn't allow furnishing fireworks to anyone below 16 years. In addition, individuals under 16 are prohibited by Colorado state law from purchasing fireworks in Colorado. However, if permitted by local law, the children can only use the fireworks under the supervision of an adult.

Colorado Penalties for Illegal Fireworks

If you are found with illegal fireworks in Colorado, it is considered a petty offense, and the fine can go up to $300 and ten days of jail time. However, local laws usually impose tough penalties. For example, setting any type of fireworks in Denver is illegal. The consequences of possessing or using fireworks in Denver and various cities might attract penalties of up to one year of jail time and a fine of $1000.

Local regulations are frequently adjusted from time to time based on drought conditions every year. Thus, it's advisable to check with the fire department or local law enforcement department before purchasing or dispatching fireworks.

Finding a Place to Buy Fireworks in Colorado

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