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Where Can I Buy Fireworks in Alaska?

Every state in the United States has its laws regarding fireworks, and Alaska is not an exception. Before you start looking for where to buy fireworks in Alaska, you need to familiarize yourself with what is available. You can prevent any legal ramifications or all types of fines by being acquitted of the fireworks laws in Alaska.

Whether you reside in Juneau, Anchorage, or any other city, breaking Alaska's firework regulations can easily ruin your celebration despite having the most extensive coastline (6,640 miles) in the United States. It is large compared to all the other states combined. Check below for Alaska fireworks laws. It can save you from problems when using sparklers during your celebrations.

Fireworks Permitted in Alaska

·    Roman candles

·    Cylindrical and cone fountains

·    Skyrockets

·    Dipped stick

·    Helicopter rockets

·    Wheels

·    Novelties including sparklers

·    Torches

·    Firecrackers with a soft casing

·    Mines and shells

What Fireworks Are Prohibited in Alaska

All salable consumer and undefined fireworks are illegal in Alaska. Every item not indicated as allowed also fall in this category.

Legal selling period

Selling and buying are allowed throughout the year; however, all the fire and selling permits must be updated. Selling without the correct permissions can attract fines or/ and jail terms.

Where Personal Fireworks Are Legal and Where They Are Not Permitted

·         State Land

Whether private or public, fireworks, including sparklers, on forested state land is illegal throughout the fire season from April 1 to August 31.

·         Anchorage

Sparklers are prohibited in the municipality of anchorage, including Girdwood and Eagle River. In this area, you are not allowed to buy, use, possess, or sell fireworks based on municipal code. Penalties for illegal use involve a fine of $300 and confiscation.

·         Valdez

Fireworks are temporarily legal in Valdez. The city allows for fireworks, including sparklers, from July 3 at 10 pm until the end of July 4.

·         Mat-Su Borough

Fireworks are illegal in the Mat-Su Borough, including the Wasilla and Palmer cities. Using fireworks illegally in this place can lead to a $500 fine for each violation based on borough law. However, individuals can use fireworks on private land in Houston with an agreement with th4 homeowner.

·         Kenai Peninsula borough

Buying, selling, and using fireworks is illegal in boroughs covering all unincorporated areas such as Kasilof, Cooper Landing, Hope, and Sterling communities. Incorporated cities have specific rules prohibiting fireworks, including Kachemak, Soldotna, Homer, and Seldovia. Kenai only allows fireworks on New Year's Eve. Currently, Seward is dealing with fireworks via its noise ordinance, discouraging the use of fireworks within the city.

Finding A Place to Buy Fireworks in Alaska

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