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What Fireworks Can I Buy in Puerto Rico?

As of 4th July approaches, individuals across Puerto Rico are stocking fireworks. Whether you prefer fountains, sparklers, or bottle rockets, you must be wondering what fireworks you can buy to light in your backyard for celebration.

Although consumer fireworks are legal in the United States, municipalities may have stringent restrictions, regulations, and prohibitions. Thus, it's prudent to continually familiarize yourself with local ordinances before buying fireworks or carrying out any firework activity.

The type of fireworks you purchase depends on the laws and the pyrotechnic show you plan to display. In Puerto Rico, fireworks are only sold twice in a whole year 1st June -to 31st July and from 15th November to 10th January. There are no illegal fireworks in Puerto Rico. However, only certain types of fireworks are available, including fountains, large skyrocket-shaped fountains, and sparklers.

Permissible Fireworks

All consumer fireworks meeting the CPSC regulations are permissible. This includes firecrackers with less than 50mg of powder and a firework with a fuse burning at least 3 seconds and not exceeding nine seconds. Despite consumer fireworks complying with U.S. CPSC regulations being safe, if used irresponsibly all fireworks are hazardous and can result in injuries.

Legal fireworks in Puerto Rico include:

·         Sparklers not exceeding 50mm in length

·         Toy paper caps with less than 0.25 grain of explosives content in every cap

·         Cones

·         Torches

·         Fountains

·         Colored lights

·         Non-poisonous snakes

·         Dipsticks

Prohibited Fireworks

Illegal fireworks include large firecrackers devices exceeding two grains of powder, quarter stuck, M-80s, cherry bombs, big reloader mortar shells, and aerial bombs.

Consumer Fireworks Safety

No matter how excited you are about celebrating Independence Day or New Year's Eve, practicing fireworks safety is always advisable. Every year there are an estimated 10,000 injuries treated in U.S. emergency rooms due to fireworks. According to Consumer Product Safety Commission report, 36% of those injuries involve children below 15 years.

Here are some safety tips to ensure you and your family are safe:

·         Always read and keenly follow manufacturer instructions for use.

·         Ensure a responsible and sober adult is in charge of the entire fireworks activity.

·         Avoid lighting fireworks in a container, especially a metal or glass container.

·         Avoid allowing children to handle fireworks, including sparklers, at all costs. They cause severe injuries and property loss if mishandled.

·         Have an operational horse or a bucket of water nearby in case of a fire outbreak.

Once you have done a little preparation work, carefully read all the ordinances in your location, and you can easily enjoy safe fireworks displays during your celebrations.

Where Can I Buy Fireworks in Puerto Rico

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