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What Fireworks Can I Buy in Missouri?

Suppose you're looking to buy fireworks in Missouri. You can find all sorts of fireworks, from sparklers to aerial displays. This blog post will tell you where to shop and what kinds of fireworks are available. So if you're ready to light up the night sky, read on.

Missouri Fireworks State Law

You can only buy, possess and discharge fireworks in Missouri from June 20 to July 10.

It is unlawful for any person to sell, possess or use fireworks within the state of Missouri unless such person has first obtained a permit from the local authorities where the fireworks will be discharged.

The permit application must be made at least 15 days before the discharge date and specify the type, quantity, and proposed place of discharge of the fireworks. A permit fee of $25 must be paid once you make an application. The permit is valid for 30 days from the date of issuance.

Missouri residents can purchase fireworks in another state and bring them into Missouri, but they must obtain a permit from the local authorities where they intend to discharge the fireworks. Non-residents are not allowed to purchase fireworks in Missouri but they can appoint the residents to buy on their behalf. The minimum age for buying and using fireworks in Missouri is 16.

Permitted Fireworks in Missouri

·         Sparklers

·         Fountains

·         Roman Candles

·         Rockets

·         Novelties and novelties items

Prohibited Fireworks in Missouri

·         Firecrackers

·         Bottle rockets

·         Sky lanterns

·         Missiles

·         Mortars

·         Reloadable shells

Penalties For Illegal Use of Fireworks

Possession of fireworks without a permit is a misdemeanor offense in Missouri. A person convicted of this offense may be fined up to $1,000 and/or imprisoned for one year. Discharging fireworks without a permit is a misdemeanor offense in Missouri. A person convicted of this offense may be fined up to $500 and/or imprisoned for 90 days.

Where To Can I Buy Fireworks in Missouri

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Fireworks are fun to celebrate special occasions, but following the law is essential when using them. Ensure you have a permit before buying or setting off fireworks, and be aware of the age limit for purchasing and using fireworks.

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