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What Fireworks Can I Buy in California?

California state law fireworks divide fireworks into 'sane and safe' and dangerous fireworks. Safe and sane fireworks categories are sold by licensed retailers between June 28- and July 6 every year. The public can set them, but they are subject to various limitations.

On the other hand, dangerous fireworks are illegal but are allowed for use by a licensed operator. They comprise large items such as sparklers and rockets with a length beyond 10 inches or a diameter beyond one-quarter inch.

What Are Considered Fireworks

According to California State Law, fireworks are a device that:

·         Produce mechanical, visual, audible, or thermal pyrotechnic effects for entertainment.

·         Contain chemical elements that don't need oxygen for burning, unlike average combustible items.

Expressly Permitted Fireworks in California (safe and sane fireworks):

·         Cylindrical and cone fountains

·         Ground spinners

·         Ground and hand-held sparkling devices

·         Wheels

·         Flitter sparklers not exceeding a quarter diameter or 10-inch length

·         Illuminating torch

·         Toy smoke device

·         Snappers

·         Party poopers

Fireworks Prohibited in California (Dangerous Fireworks):

·         Skyrockets

·         Chasers

·         Rockets

·         Surprise items

·         Sparklers above one-fourth of an inch diameter or 10 inches

·         Roman candles and any other item emit fire in the air.

·         Friction items

·         Wooden and all wire stick

·         Torpedoes

Other Limitations of Fireworks

Despite limiting the types of fireworks, you can sell or buy in California, the state incorporates other restrictions.

·         Wildlife and Agricultural uses

Despite the limited safe and sane fireworks for entertainment use, farmers are allowed to discharge and possess specific types of fireworks to scare off animals and birds to prevent crop damage. Such items comprise small explosives which produce noise that scares away animals and birds or flash pots that serves the same purpose. However, any farmer looking to use such fireworks will have to obtain a permit from the state.

·         Limited Dates of Selling

Although safe and sane fireworks are legally sold in California, they're only sold for a certain period each year. All retailers dealing with safe and sane fireworks can only sell them from 28th June noon to 6th July noon every year. The license to sell these products automatically expires at noon on July 6 and must be renewed yearly by June 15.

·         No Sale to Underage

In California state is unlawful to sell safe and sane fireworks to individuals below the age of 16. According to Cal.Health and Safety Code 12689 (2020)


Violating the California State Fireworks Law is a misdemeanor crime that can result in a fine ranging from $500-$1000, a one-year jail term, or both. The penalties for possession of large amounts of dangerous fireworks are higher than selling to minors.

Where To Purchase Fireworks in California

Although there are significant legal outcomes of violating the California State Laws, there is also a high risk of physical injury leading to a long and tragic effect. As a host, you might be held responsible for firework injuries.

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