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Spooky Fireworks for Your
Halloween Display

The Halloween season is upon us. Want to scare away those evil ghouls and ghosts? Look no further! We've collected some of our biggest and best Halloween themed fireworks to round out your spookiest display.

Fear No Evil - Artillery Shells

You'll fear no evil this Halloween when you light off these 5 break shells with an array of effects including multi-colored stars, colored glitter and crackle.

Case Quantity: 6 shells per box, 6 boxes per case (36 5-break shells total).

Tricky Goblin - Fountains

This tricky little goblin will scare you with his glowing face while firing off whistles, chrysanthemums, colored crackle, golden pine needs and color pearls.

Case Quantity: 18 fountains per case.

Ghost Mansion - Fountain

The windows this spooky mansion glow a ghostly green as you an enjoy a display of crackle and colored pearls.

Case Quantity: 8 fountains per case.

Dancing With Ghost - Fountain

Watch the ghosts dance in this fabulous fountain from Winda with colored fish, multi-colored pearls, melted-iron flowers and giant crackle.

Case Quantity: 24 fountains per case.

Arachnophobia - 2 Layer Fountain

Get caught in a web of colors with this 2 layer fountain. The first layer fires off assorted chrysanthemums and crackle. Then the second layer spreads its legs with a finale of side-spewing silver.

Case Quantity: 8 fountains per case.

Evil Enemy - 36-Shot 200g Cake

The evil enemies arrive this Halloween with this 36 shot cake from Brothers. Fires off Red, green and blue tails to silver spinners invade the sky, then alternating red palms and green palms with white glitter finish it off.

Case Quantity: 12 cakes per case.

Mummy Awakes - 16-Shot 200g Cake

Beware the Mummy! It will awaken with 16 shots of multi-color peony and green glittering stars with report.

Case Quantity: 12 cakes per case.

Hellacious - 24-Shot 500g Cake

Put on a Hellacious show of crackling mine to blue star and silver fish, red tail to red dahlia, green tail to green dahlia, purple tail to purple dahlia, orange tail to orange dahlia and color peony.

Case Quantity: 4 cakes per case.

Black Dragon - 7-Shot 500g Cake

The black dragon will swoop in and attack with 7 LOUD breaks of color and strobe!

Case Quantity: 8 cakes per case.

Midnight - 204-Shot 500g Cake

A middle of the night fire of z-shaped multi-colored stars and crackling comet tails to shots of red tails to red palms and crackling, then multi-colored stars and silver whistling tails to three shot finale of silver tails to crackling.

Case Quantity: 1 cake per case.

Beast - 12-Shot 500g Cake

Fear the beast as he roars out super loud shots of brocade with a wide assortment of colors.

Case Quantity: 4 cakes per case.

Diabolical - 25-Shot 500g Cake

Fanning out over the empty black night sky, a fiendishly wicked display in white, gold, and silver comets changing to brocade strobing bombards is followed by a finale of demonic crackling bursts.

Case Quantity: 4 cakes per case.

Ghost Shell - 9-Shot Tubes

Each shell has three ghostly effects of green, lemon, or blue to ruby or silver brocade.

Case Quantity: 2 9-shot tubes per case.

Mad Bats - Flying Novelty

These nocturnal fliers go up with a loud bat screech. A fun flying novelty for the kids.

Case Quantity: 288 bats per case.

Jack-O-Lantern - Sky Lantern

Make your Halloween party unforgettable! Light the fuel pad and watch these jack-o-lanterns float into the sky. Be sure to check the local news the next day, there might be a UFO sighting!

Case Quantity: 36 sky lanterns per case.