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Why should I buy fireworks online?
In today’s world, you can buy almost anything online, and fireworks are no exception. Just like everything else, fireworks are less expensive when you buy in bulk online. That’s because you pay wholesale prices when buying fireworks online by the case, instead of being charged pricey retail markups by local fireworks stores.


Let’s compare some prices, for example:

Excalibur (The Top Selling Artillery Shell of All Time!)

Our price — $225.20 for a case of 4.
That breaks down to $56.30 per individual Excalibur.
An amazing price!

Their price — $84.99 per individual Excalibur.
At this retail price, a case of 4 would cost you $339.96!
The same case we sell for $225.20!
That’s a difference of $114.76!
And this isn’t even the most expensive markup we’ve seen! Wow! :O
Not too bad, compared to the next price…

Their price — $179.99 per individual Excalibur.
This is really becoming ridiculous now!
At that outrageous retail price, a case of 4 would cost you $719.96! D:
We just saved you $494.76! Almost $500, that’s amazing! :D

If you perform your own research, you will discover the same startling facts. Fireworks are manufactured at low-cost by factories in mass-quantities, and therefore should not be expensive, because they do not cost much to produce.

When you compare our wholesale prices to their retail prices, you get 2-4 times the number of fireworks, for the same amount of hard-earned money you would typically *light up in smoke* at a greedy local fireworks tent.


Local fireworks stores are old-fashioned and inconvenient. You vacate time in your busy schedule to travel to the fireworks store. They require you to bring a vehicle with enough storage capacity to properly contain the fireworks you wish to purchase. If you’re looking to buy fireworks in bulk, you may have to rent a larger vehicle, or make multiple trips. This exhausts your precious time, money, and fuel. You arrive at the fireworks store, and they only sell individual multi-shot cakes, not cases. They offer you these “Buy one, get ___ free!” discounts, to obscure the fact that their prices are marked up so high. Many times, you must strenuously load and organize the fireworks in your vehicle without further assistance. If you are carrying over 1,000 pounds of Class C (1.4G) Consumer Fireworks, you are legally obligated to placard your vehicle during transport, increasing your likelihood of investigation from local law enforcement. As you can see, all of these inconveniences have caused local fireworks stores to become obsolete. does it better; the 21st century way! You can easily browse our entire selection of fireworks online, without having to leave the comfort of your own home to buy. We carry the top recognized brands of fireworks, several up-and-coming brands, our own brands, and bargain brands as well. We accept multiple payment options, including PayPal, and have optimized the simplicity of our checkout process, to save you even more time and money when you buy fireworks online. We only sell fireworks online, for wholesale prices by the case, just as they arrive from the factory — not de-packaged multi-shot cakes. Our low wholesale prices enable you to get more bang for your buck when you buy online, and we have additional pricing discounts available when you place a substantial fireworks order! Let us manage the hassles of transporting your fireworks. We can quickly ship any quantity of fireworks, large or small, directly to your home or business. Our new shipping options allow you to receive your fireworks faster, while spending less money on shipping than ever before. We even free shipping on all orders over $1,500! Don’t spend an extra cent on shipping your fireworks when you buy online!
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