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Can I Buy Fireworks in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is a great state to buy fireworks. You can buy all kinds of fireworks, including sparklers and firecrackers. However, there are some restrictions on what you can buy and where you can use them. This blog post will discuss the rules and regulations for buying fireworks in Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, the only legal fireworks are novelty items such as snakes, party poppers, snappers, snakes containing no mercury, and sparklers. All other fireworks are illegal, including skyrockets, firecrackers, wheels, torpedoes, Roman candles, bombs, and other explosives. Attorney David Pierce says anything manufactured, packaged, or processed for emitting sparks, flames, or glow is generally prohibited.

When buying fireworks in Wisconsin, you must be at least 16 years of age. You also need to sign a waiver that states you will not use the fireworks within city limits. You are also only allowed to buy fireworks from a licensed retailer.

Use or possession of fireworks without a permit is a forfeiture punishable by a fine of not more than $500, imprisonment for not more than 30 days, or both.

You are not allowed to use fireworks on public property, including streets and sidewalks. You cannot use them within 500 feet of a hospital, school, or church. If you are caught using fireworks illegally, you could be fined up to $1,000 for every firework you possess; if you have about 20 fireworks, you can attract up to $20,000, according to Pierce.

It is also illegal to sell fireworks to anyone under 16. It is also illegal to sell fireworks to anyone under the age of 16, and if caught selling to a minor, you could be fined $10,000.

To use or possess fireworks in Wisconsin, you need a permit unless it is a novelty item such as a sparkler, toy snakes, caps, noisemakers, smoke bombs, stationary fountains and cones, and confetti poppers with a lower than a quarter grain of explosive mixture.

Why all the fuss over fireworks that is very common in other states? The attorney says that this is because "fireworks are fun, but they're also dangerous. "They are dangerous, but they're also a nuisance to your neighbors." If you want to use fireworks, you need to be aware of the rules and regulations in Wisconsin. Otherwise, you could end up getting fined or even arrested.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, most fires are reported in the country on the 4th of July every year, with more than half of them originating from fireworks. With about 11,000 individuals being treated in the emergency rooms due to firework injuries.

Where Can I Buy Fireworks in Wisconsin

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