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Can I Buy Fireworks in Washington, D.C?

Whether you are ushering in the New Year or celebrating Independence Day, or any family occasion at home, understanding the law regulating fireworks use is crucial. Check what fireworks are prohibited and permitted in Washington D.C.

In Washington DC, some fireworks are allowed to be sold, stored, and displayed, while others are prohibited. Persons found using or possessing illegal fireworks can attract penalties, fines, or even face arrest.

To display fireworks, retailers need a permit from the Fire Chief, Corporation Counsel, Director of Emergency Preparedness, and a business license issued by the Director of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs to sell or display any permissible fireworks in the District of Columbia.

To acquire a retail or wholesale license, you must be 21 years and above. Residents are only allowed to purchase fireworks from licensed vendors or retailers only.

Prohibited Fireworks

Most fireworks permitted in by states with more relaxed fireworks regulations are prohibited in Washington DC except for use by licensed persons. According to Washington, D.C. code, illegal fireworks are those that explode, shoot a projectile, move or release sparks bigger than 12 feet.

Firecrackers of any description. And those that explode, including salutes, cherry bombs, floral shells, roman candles, and artillery shells, are illegal devices that move when ignited, such as parachutes, bottle rockets, pinwheels, jumping jacks, buzz bombs, and helicopters. Also, sparklers exceeding 20-inch length with dangerous chemicals or any oxidizing agent are not allowed in Washington DC.

In addition, fireworks with a side fuse or any fuse placed along the fireworks' length are illegal. Any other fireworks termed by the fire chief to be dangerous to the property of any person are considered illegal in Washington DC.

Permissible Fireworks

In Washington D.C., permissible fireworks are those with a slow-burning fuse of 1 ½ inch in length and a burning rate exceeding 4 seconds or hard-coated ones. Quick match fuses and fireworks are not allowed. However, the permitted fireworks can only be used on private property with permission from the property owner.

Specifically permitted fireworks in Washington DC to include sparklers not exceeding 20-inch length, toy paper caps with less than 0.25 grain of explosives content in every cap, box fire, cones, torches, novelties, fountains, and colored lights, non-poisonous snakes, and dipsticks.

Tips For Using Permissible Fireworks in Washington DC

EMS and D.C. Fire recommend the following information when using fireworks:

·         Never let children play with or light fireworks. It can result in injuries

·         Only light fireworks on a flat, smooth surface away from flammable items

·         Only use longer lighting devices such as a grill lighter

·         Before lighting, the fireworks ensure properties and other individuals are 50 feet away

·         Avoid relighting fireworks that are incompletely functioning.

Where Can I Buy Fireworks in Washington D.C?

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