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Can I Buy Fireworks In New Mexico?

There are expressly permitted devices in New Mexico; those adhering to the requirements of the CPSC exception, there are stick-type rockets with a tube more petite than a quarter-inch diameter. However, Municipalities might prohibit the use of ground and aerial devices; thus, it's crucial to check with your local office before purchasing or dispatching fireworks.

Fireworks Safety and Ordinance

To buy or sell fireworks in New Mexico, you must be 16 years and above. Whether fireworks are not permissible or permissible, using them can be life-threatening to people around you and yourself. You need to follow safety practices and adhere to all the rules about discharging fireworks in your living area.

Be considerate of your neighbors, including the elderly, individuals with PTSD, and young children, because loud noises can be disruptive and traumatizing.

Permissible Fireworks In New Mexico

The following fireworks are legal and safe:

·         Cone Fountains

·         Cylindrical Fountains

·         Flitter Sparklers

·         Wheels

·         Ground Spinners

·         Crackling devices

·         Illuminating torches

Illegal Fireworks In New Mexico

Ground Audible devices:

·         Firecrackers

·         Chasers (bottle rockets)

Aerial Devices:

·         Helicopters

·         Missile-type Rockets

·         Shells

·         Aerial spinners

·         Mines

·         Stick Type Rockets

·         Roman Candles

When ground audible and aerial devices are ignited, they take unpredictable flight directions, posing a significant fire hazard to vegetation and properties. Also, they pose a high injury risk to innocent bystanders and the user. In addition, ground audible devices interfere with public peace.


Using illicit fireworks is a misdemeanor. It can attract a fine of up to $500- and 90-days imprisonment.

Using impermissible fireworks is punishable by immediate confiscation and citation of illegal fireworks and areas with a high risk of fires. All addresses that use illegal fireworks will get a Cease-and-Desist order through the mail.

A mandatory appearance in court. Also, illegal use of ground audible and aerial devices or improper use of legal fireworks can lead to supervising adults being fined with gross negligence and held responsible for damages.

The Safe Use of Fireworks

Avoid using "Red Flag Warning" devices; the label indicates they pose an extreme risk of fires.

Only use fireworks on barren or paved areas away from vegetation, homes, and combustible materials.

Ensure you have an available water source for unintended fires, including 5-gallon buckets and a charged garden hose.

Always have an adult to supervise, and never let children use fireworks on their own to avoid improper use and injuries.

Before discharging fireworks, read, understand and adhere to instructions.

Never attempt to make your fireworks, as it can result in unpredictable and dangerous explosions and lead to severe injuries.

When disposing of used fireworks, please place them in a bucket of water and ensure they cool thoroughly before placing them in the garbage can.

In the emergency of fire, vacate the area immediately and dial 911.

Where To Buy Fireworks In New Mexico

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