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Can I Buy Fireworks in Connecticut?

Permissible fireworks are available to every person above 16, including Connecticut citizens. However, only sparklers can be shipped from any warehouse using our private vehicle or picked up from our facility in Connecticut. Fireworks are not permitted by Connecticut law for use by non-licensed, non-professional individuals.

Fountains and sparklers might be sold, technically they aren't considered as fireworks. But legally, they shouldn't be sold to individuals younger than 16.

What are Permitted Fireworks in Connecticut

Ground-based and hand-held sparkling devices (fountains and sparklers) having non-aerial and non-explosive properties. Also, they must not exceed more than 100 grams of pyrotechnic composition. They are legal in Connecticut state but can't be possessed or sold by anyone below 16 years.

Non-Permitted Fireworks in Connecticut

All consumer fireworks, such as multiple-tube sparkling devices, exceed 100 grams of pyrotechnic composition.

·    Firecrackers

·    Bottle rockets

·    Skyrockets

·    Roman candles

·    Any other fireworks contain flammable or explosive compounds.

·    Tricks, noisemakers, and novelties are prohibited in Connecticut, including:

·    Party poppers

·    The 'snake'

·    Smoke bombs

·    Snappers

·    Sky Lanterns

Penalties For Illegal Use of Fireworks in Connecticut

Firecrackers are typically explosive devices that are prohibited by federal and state law. They comprise M-100s, M-80s, M-250s, and more enormous blockbusters, quarter sticks, and similar devices. Connecticut General Statute bars possession, manufacture, and use of these items. The only exception of these devices is the paper caps containing less than 0.025 grains of explosive elements.

The residents are restricted by law from purchasing fireworks in other states and transporting them to Connecticut. The fine for violating transportation laws is around $1000 for a first offense. Suppose an individual is found guilty of other subsequent crimes, the acceptable range between $1000-$2000 or 6 months imprisonment. If the violation results in death or injury, the fine will not exceed $10,000- or ten-year jail time.

According to Connecticut law, it's illegal for non-licensed, non-professional persons to use, buy, sell, or possess fireworks. To order or purchase fireworks in Connecticut via mail is unlawful. The violation calls for a fine not exceeding $100 or an imprisonment term not beyond 90 days or both.

Offering for sale, retailing, or possessing to sell an amount exceeding $10,000 is considered a class A demeanor. Penalty for possessing explosives illegally attracts a fine not above $10,000- or ten-year imprisonment or both for every offense committed.

Where To See Fireworks in Connecticut

The only safe way of enjoying fireworks is attending a public display carried out by site-licensed pyro-technicians approved by the state. Connecticut state fire marshals provide a permit for supervised fireworks displays. Also, the Department of Emergency services public protection offers licenses for firework displays, special effects shooters, firework producers, special effects, and fireworks distributors.

Finding A Place to Buy Fireworks in Connecticut

Our company is the leading stocking distributor of fireworks; we import from all warehouses and provide high-quality consumer fireworks at affordable prices at wholesale and retail levels. Due to restrictions by federal law, we can only ship sparklers.

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