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Can I Buy Fireworks in Arizona?

The Phoenix Fire Code hinders the use, sales, and buying of fireworks across the City of Phoenix. However, Arizona State Law supersedes this code allowing the sale, use, and buying of fireworks in Arizona during particular dates.

The Arizona Revised Statutes section 36-1606 dictates that they can be sold, purchased, and used in Arizona once fireworks are permissible. However, this law doesn't apply to novelty items, including snap caps, nappers, snakes, sparklers, glow worms, and party poppers.

When Can I Buy Fireworks in Arizona?

Buying and selling of permissible consumer fireworks are allowed on:

·         April 25 -May 6

·         May 20 – July 6

·         December 10 – January 3

When Can I Use Fireworks in Arizona?

·         May 4 -May 6

·         June 24 – July 6

·         December 24 – January 3

What Are Permissible Fireworks in Arizona

·         Illuminating torches

·         Ground spinners

·         Ground sparkling devices

·         Cylindrical and cone fountains

·         Wheels

·         Filter sparklers

·         Sparkling trees

What Fireworks Are Prohibited Indefinitely in Arizona?

A category of illegal fireworks is indefinitely prohibited despite the year; these devices are usually known as aerial consumer fireworks. Typically, a consumer firework represents any device that shoots and detonates in the sky while leaving flaming trails behind. Illegal consumer fireworks include:

·         Skyrockets, missiles, and bottle rockets

·         Roman candles and firecrackers

·         Reloadable shell and devices

Which Counties in Arizona Have Firework Restrictions

Although Arizona state law permits you to buy fireworks at specific periods, you might not be able to set them off. Since the Arizona legislature lifted the ban regarding fireworks, every county was left to set rules and regulations for fireworks use in their jurisdiction.

Temple, Chandler, Mohave, and Maricopa counties have banned any permissible consumer fireworks but agree to the use of novelty items such as smoke bombs, poppers, and sparklers.

Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, and Navajo allow the use of permissible consumer products on private property so long you have the landowner's permission. There is no restriction on consumer fireworks at Apache Junction; they can be used on private and public property throughout the year.

What Are the Consequences of Violating Fireworks Laws in Arizona?

According to state law, permissible fireworks might not be sold to individuals under 16 years. Buying, selling, or using fireworks during dates that are not permissible can attract a fine of $1000. In addition, using fireworks on preserved land possessed by the City of Phoenix is considered a Class one Misdemeanor, and you can be fined $1000.

Selling permissible consumer fireworks under tents above 800sqaire feet needs a Fire Prevention tent permit. In addition, there are requirements Per State law, signage at every area of the display and selling notifying that buying of permissible fireworks is not allowed to individuals under 16 years. Any fireworks set off without a permit or outside the allowed dates will be confiscated through enforcement.

Where To Buy Fireworks in Arizona

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