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Can I Buy Fireworks in Alabama?

Watching fireworks can be fun, especially on New Year's Eve or Fourth of July when there is a giant, city-wide spectacular with professionally planned shows. However, the urge to add a firework at home can be pretty intense. If you are wondering whether you buy fireworks in Alabama, the answer is yes. But there are several caveats that individuals must take into account.

Before lighting anything during your celebration, ensure you consult with your county sheriff's department or your local police to acquire a final ruling if you run afoul of the law. They will elaborate on certain laws in your specific location, including the area or time restriction.

What Is Legal in Alabama

Fireworks permitted in Alabama are those items complying with regulations of CPSC, tricks noisemakers, and DOT definitions. On the contrary, fireworks prohibited include those 'illegal ground salutes' fireworks exceeding two grains of explosive composition and all mail-order fireworks.

Buying is not allowed for "illegal ground salutes, you are not allowed to manufacture, sell or possess them. Silver salutes, Cherry Bombs, and M-80s were banned by federal law from 1966 since they contain a high level of explosives composition.

Rules For Fireworks in Alabama

Not every person can purchase fireworks. To buy fireworks in Alabama, you must be 16 years and above or be accompanied by an adult. Also, state law prohibits selling fireworks to individuals who appear irresponsible or intoxicated.

Lighting fireworks in incorporated cities and towns is illegal in Alabama; however, fireworks are legal in various unincorporated areas. Also, some locations have ordinances based on times when fireworks are allowed, while other areas have noise ordinances that apply to fireworks. Consider finding out whether your site has any restrictions before launching your fireworks. You might require a permit to light fireworks in your location.

Fireworks shouldn't light within 600 feet of any hospital, enclosed building, church, or school. Also, you are not allowed to buy fireworks from motor vehicles or tents or a trailer moved by car. It's okay to purchase from mobile homes, but the building must be 32 feet long and 8 feet wide, and the bottom wheels must have been removed.

You should only purchase fireworks between December 15 – January 2 and 20th June-10th July; the fireworks season is limited to this period. Lastly, avoid throwing fireworks out of a moving car or even discharging any inside.

What Fireworks Can I Buy in Alabama?

·    Roman candles

·    Bottle Rockets

·    Sparklers

·    Sky Rockets

·    Firecrackers

·    Fountains

·    Novelties

·    Smoke and Punk

·    Missiles

·    Crackle and Strobe

·    Spinners

·    Display Shells

·    Wheels

·    Sky Flyers

·    Cakes

Finding A Place to Purchase Fireworks

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Although fireworks are fun to watch, they can be dangerous. Therefore you need to purchase them from a reliable source and use them as directed. For quality and safe fireworks, visit our website today