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Jack in the Box Jack in the Box

Case Quantity: 6 pieces per pack, 30 packs per case (180 total pieces).

Jack in the Box puts on a show of fountain effects before expelling color ground spinners.

42 In Stock
Our Price: $140.00 (180 piece case)
Air Force Air Force

Case Quantity: 100 pieces per case.

A great-looking aircraft that flies off the shelf. Puts on a great fountain display that is fun for the whole family.

27 In Stock
Our Price: $139.40 (100 piece case)
Magic Whip Magic Whip

Case Quantity: 12 pieces per box, 72 boxes per case (864 pieces total).

A firecracker-type effect that is legal for safe and sane states. A must-have for your retail location.

25 In Stock
Our Price: $132.80 (864 piece case)
Party Popper Party Popper

A great piece that everyone is familiar with - just pull the string to shoot confetti. A retail classic and a party favorite!

108 In Stock
Our Price: $127.40 (1440 piece case)
Total Blast - 21 Shot 500 Gram Fireworks Cake - Supreme Total Blast - 21 Shots

Case Quantity: 3 pieces per case (21 shots each).

You'll have a blast at your next fireworks show with TOTAL BLAST from Supreme. This 500 gram heavy weight features single shots of color comets to multicolor strobe. A false finale in the middle builds excitement leading to a gold strobe finish.

Duration: 50 sec.

16 In Stock
Our Price: $124.80 (3 piece case)
Color Butterfly - Fireworks Stick Rockets - Supreme Color Butterfly

Case Quantity: 6 rockets per pack, 72 packs per case (432 pieces total).

Color Butterfly takes off with a brilliant golden tail and bursts forth with a bouquet of colored stars. A classic piece with a modern label.

6 In Stock
Our Price: $115.20 (432 piece case)
Crackling Artillery Shell Crackling Artillery Shell

Case Quantity: 6 shells per box, 12 boxes per case (72 total pieces).

Crackling artillery shells are a fireworks staple due to their incredible performance for the money. Now they are better than ever, packed into a slick box with a bald eagle on the front.

467 In Stock
Our Price: $111.60 (72 piece case)