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A missile is a sky rocket that doesn't use a stick for guidance but instead, it may rotate to give it some stability as it lifts off, may use fins as stabilizers, or may be shot from a tube (like Saturn Missile Batteries).

Like rockets missiles usually have a sparky tail as they lift off and finish off in the sky with a beautiful display. offers a huge fireworks selection and low shipping charges through our regional warehouses. We have pre-selected the warehouse closest to you. Due to shipping restrictions it is only possible to order fireworks from one warehouse per order. Inventory availability is different at each warehouse. You can switch to your desired warehouse via the drop-down menu below.

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X-Wing Missile - 6" Fireworks Missiles - Sky Bacon X-Wing Missile - 6"

Case Quantity: 12 missiles per pack, 12 packs per case (144 pieces total per case).

These high-fliers shoot straight with crackling, white strobe, and multicolor breaks.

30 in B
Our Price: $145.40 (144 piece case)
Europa II - 12 Fireworks Missile - Shogun Europa II - 12"

Case Quantity: 4 missiles per pack, 24 packs per case (192 total pieces).

This high-quality missile comes with a plastic nose-cone and tail section for increased consistency. A long tail of sparks ends with a fantastic burst at the apex of flight.

31 in B
Our Price: $224.80 (192 piece case)
12 Inch Sky Bacon Missile - Fireworks Missiles 12" Sky Bacon Missile

Case Quantity: 4 missiles per pack. 18 packs per case. (72 pieces total per case)

Start your own space program with 12" Missiles from Sky Bacon. Each package contains one each of the following effects: brocade and crackle, blue and crackle, color peony, and red falling leaves. Sturdy construction with plastic cone and fins.

24 in B
Our Price: $166.80 (72 piece case)
12-Inch Rocket Missile 12" Rocket Missile

Case Quantity: 6 missiles per pack. 12 packs per case. (72 pieces total per case)

Rocket list: red and green stars; yellow and white stars; red and blue stars; red and green stars with report; yellow and white stars with report; red and blue stars with report.

In Stock
Our Price: $141.87 (72 piece case)
Atlantis Lift Off - 12 in Atlantis Lift Off - 12 in

Case Quantity: 4 missiles per pack. 18 packs per case (72 pieces total).

A powerful sky rocket that flies off the shelves! This high-quality missile is a great retail piece sold individually or by the bag. Each piece is a foot tall with plastic fins and nose for added stability.

23 in B
Our Price: $188.00 (72 piece case)
Delta Missile Thor Delta Missile

Case Quantity: 4 missiles per box. 30 boxes per case (120 pieces total).

Super high-quality missiles! A new manufacturing technology from Firehawk makes these the straightest flying missiles on the market. Great tails and great effects in a little package.

3 in C
Our Price: $188.00 (120 piece case)