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Welcome to Quantum Products Inc.
You've reached the premier place to buy fireworks online. We offer the best brands along with low wholesale pricing and fast shipping to most areas of the US. Here you'll find a broad selection of Consumer (Class 1.4g) Fireworks from the likes of Brothers, Cannon, Red Pearl, Mighty Max, Fire Hawk, Panda, Shogun, and more.
You get fireworks at wholesale prices because you purchase your fireworks by the case. And we offer FAST DELIVERY delivery within 3-7 days!
And you can order virtually any kind of fireworks available in the US from us including Reloadable Artillery Shells, Bottle Rockets, Firecrackers, Fountains, Multi-Shots, 500 gram Multi-Shots, Novelties, Parachutes, Roman Candles, Saturn Missiles, Smoke Bombs, Sparklers, Stick Rockets, and Large Tube Arial Shells.

Why Buy Fireworks Online from Quantum?

* You receive Wholesale Pricing because you buy fireworks by the case - just like the pros do!
* Fast Order Processing
* Orders usually ship within 2-4 business days
* Fast Delivery on All Orders
* Huge Selection of the Best Brands
* We have the GOOD stuff
* You Get More Bang For The buck!

Huge Selection ~ Great Prices ~ Fast Delivery

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