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Buy fireworks online from We have been offering consumers the broadest selection of the most popular brands of fireworks at the lowest wholesale prices since 2008. Here at, you can buy fireworks online at super low wholesale prices. We offer some of the best brands of fireworks along with low wholesale pricing with fast shipping to most areas of the United States. Here you'll find a broad selection of fireworks from the likes of Brothers, Cannon, Red Pearl, Mighty Max, Fire Hawk, Panda, Shogun, Sky Bacon and more.

Whacky Tobacky - 9 Shot (Original Packaging) Never Surrender - 9 Shots
Our Price: $111.80 (2 piece case)
Our Price: $117.00 (2 piece case)
Whacky Tobacky - 9 Shot Never Surrender - 9 Shots
Case Quantity: 2 per case.

One of our most requested effects is now available in a Brothers 3-inch 9-shot rack. Light the fuse and watch as big, loud willows with pink glittering pistil fills the sky.

Case Quantity: 2 per case.

Beautiful, symmetrical, color-to-silver changing breaks are filled with a delayed crackling pistil. A great effect from these colossal 3-inch tubes.
Photo Finish - 16 Shot 76 Select Series
Our Price: $95.00 (4 piece case)
Our Price: $115.20 (4 piece case)

Photo Finish - 16 Shot 76 Select Series (Assorted)
Case Quantity: 4 piecee per case.

Alternating brocade and crackling flowers with a four-shot finale. An all-gold cake with HUGE breaks!

Case Quantity: 4 cakes per case

We have worked with Winda to bring you a great set of single-effect 500 gram cakes. Palm King features red, green, and silver palms with rain or glitter core. Peony Garden features assorted colors of peonies with pistil effects. Native Blue breaks with peonies and crown effects - all in blue and gold. Dreamy Night is all willows. Each cake is a 12-shot pyro master's dream come true.

Pyro Candy / Texas Hold Em Own the Night - 30 Shot
Our Price: $117.00 (2 piece case)
Our Price: $120.00 (4 piece case)
Pyro Candy / Texas Hold'Em Combo Own the Night - 30 Shot
Case Quantity: 2 per case.

A great set of 9-shot racks from Winda. Get one TB202 Pyro Candy and one TB203 Texas Hold'em in each case. A Quantum Fireworks exclusive item.
Case Quantity: 4 pieces per case.<br/><br/>
Great shots of glittering falling leaves with color pearls interspersed. Ends with a big crackling-palm finale.<br/><br/>
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Looking to buy fireworks online? Buying fireworks online is common these days. Just like buying other products online, it is convenient and typically less expensive. Quantum Products is the premier source to buy fireworks online. We offer great quality fireworks at super-low prices. We offer fast shipping and have the product delivered right to your door.

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