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At Fireworks.US, we have your favorite fireworks for sale at extremely low prices. Buying fireworks for sale online has never been easier thanks to our network of fireworks factories and warehouses that give us the ability to ship anywhere in the nation faster and cheaper than the competition. Buying our fireworks in bulk allows you to save time and money while receiving the very best and brightest fireworks on the market. Our fireworks selection includes everything from sparklers and poppers to the biggest finale racks and aerial cakes available.

If you're looking to stock up on fireworks, our selection is extensive, diverse and priced to move. Our fireworks are perfect for all occasions, and we have everything you need to get started. You'll get the very best deals on bulk fireworks orders, and we offer fast, free shipping on all orders over $1,500. Stock up now!

Nuclear Fallout - 25 Shot 500 Gram Fireworks Cake - Sky Bacon Nuclear Fallout - 25 Shots

Case Quantity: 4 pieces per case (25 shots each).

Vivid color shots of green, yellow, violet and red decay to crimson and gold fallout. A unique effect!

Duration: 30 secs.

Our Price: $165.80 (4 piece case)
Sons of Liberty - 36 Shot Sons of Liberty - 36 Shot

Case Quantity: 4 piecee per case.

Down with tyranny and taxes. Up with alternating rows of brocade mines to red glitter with blue stars; brocade with blue stars; and brocade with dragon eggs. 36 SHOTS

Our Price: $168.80 (4 piece case)
Vegas Trip - 30 Shot Vegas Trip - 30 Shot

Case Quantity: 4 pieces per case.

Put all the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas into your own night sky. This one-fuse bandit puts on a show of red, white and golden brocade mine to red wave, silver wave and golden brocade. The jackpot comes in the form of a 10-shot finale.

Our Price: $145.20 (4 piece case)
Shockwave Shockwave - 36 Shots

Case Quantity: 12 pieces per case.

Feel the Shockwave of gold stars, willows and crackling, green glitter, whistles, flowers, blue tails to gold crackling, white glittering and palms.
Duration: 30 secs.

Our Price: $167.20 (12 piece case)

Jesters Revenge - 252 Shot 500 Gram Fireworks Cake - Winda Jesters Revenge - 252 Shots

Case Quantity: 1 piece per case (252 shots).

A mesmerizing display of sight and sound burst out in z shape from this humongous cake. 252 shots of silver whistling comet tails put on a bright, loud display.

Duration: 18 sec.

Our Price: $175.10 (1 piece case)
Smoke Dragon - 16 Shot Daytime Fireworks Cake - Winda Smoke Dragon - 16 Shot (Daytime)

Case Quantity: 12 pieces per case.

A great daytime cake from Winda! Shells go up with a color smoke tail and burst into loud crackling.

Our Price: $160.00 (12 piece case)
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