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At Fireworks.US, we have your favorite fireworks for sale at extremely low prices. Buying fireworks for sale online has never been easier thanks to our network of fireworks factories and warehouses that give us the ability to ship anywhere in the nation faster and cheaper than the competition. Buying our fireworks in bulk allows you to save time and money while receiving the very best and brightest fireworks on the market. Our fireworks selection includes everything from sparklers and poppers to the biggest finale racks and aerial cakes available.

If you're looking to stock up on fireworks, our selection is extensive, diverse and priced to move. Our fireworks are perfect for all occasions, and we have everything you need to get started. You'll get the very best deals on bulk fireworks orders, and we offer fast, free shipping on all orders over $1,500. Stock up now!

Uncle Sams Answer - 16 Shots Uncle Sams Answer - 16 Shots each

Case Quantity: 4 pieces per case (16 shots each).

A massive 500 gram multi-shot item. 16 shots of golden stars and crackling bouquets to multicolored bouquets. High flying shells with massive breaks. A Brothers classic with a 5 shot finale.

Duration: 40 secs.

Our Price: $150.40 (4 piece case)
Seal Team 6 (Assorted) Seal Team 6

Case Quantity: 24 pieces per case.

Twenty four of Brothers elite cakes ready for action. Includes 4 each of Super Stallion, Daffodil, AF One, Golden Peacock, Martin Bombers, and Grand Canyon - all 16-shot powerhouses.

Our Price: $180.60 (24 piece case)

Super Mafia Brothers Assortment Super Mafia Brothers

Case Quantity: 1 - 10 piece ssortment.

Be on the lookout for Brothers' 10 most wanted. This set includes: MS 329 Instant Replay, MS128 Falcon Rising, MS194 Wild West, MS292 Super Stallion, Martin Bombers, MS202 Bling-Bling, MS203 Evil Enemy, MS172 Magnificent Festival, Magic Carpet, and MS188 Red, White, & Blue Salute.

Our Price: $138.90 (10 piece assortment)

Washington Fireworks: 500-gram Cakes, Artillery Shells & More Washington Fireworks Assortment

Receive free shipping on your entire order when you purchase this item!

This is the ultimate, no-holds barred, surefire set for putting on the best fireworks show in the county! This amazing set includes:

32 200-gram multi-shot aerial cakes
24 350-gram multi-shot aerial cakes
20 500-gram multi-shot aerial cakes
4 large aerial tube racks
144 reloadable artillery shells

Our Price: $2,100.00 (1 Assortment)
Color Smoke Balls - 6 Assorted Colors - Sky Bacon Color Smoke Balls (Clay)

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6 assorted color smoke balls per pack. A classic fireworks piece that makes a great daytime or nighttime item.

Our Price: $157.10 (1,440 piece case)
Little Pyro Bag (Safe & Sane) Little Pyro Bag (Safe & Sane)

Case Quantity: 16 assortments per case.

A safe and sane package of childhood classics in a see-through carry bag containing fountains, novelties, sparklers, snaps, party poppers, smoke balls and more! Each case contains 16 assortments, a great party favor for kids.

Our Price: $208.00 (16 Assortments)
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